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Hannxsen Intelligent Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd was founded in 2016, the founder was graduated from the American IC Chip industry and had extensive experience in the adult products industry.



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  • High Quality
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  • How to Choose the Most Suitable Sex Toys for Men

    Introduction: Those sex toys for men often offer a diverse and expansive range of options, though the amount is less than the womens sex toys. But different mens sex toys bring totally diverse usage and wellness. The sex toys for men range from male masturbator to prostate massager, and the enhan...

  • The Connection Between Adult Products and Mental Well-being

    In recent years, the topic of adult products and their impact on mental well-being has gained attention and sparked discussions. While the use of adult products is often associated with pleasure and intimacy, there is growing evidence to suggest that these products can also have positive effects ...